Google: What’s changing in Chrome regarding the files you download?

Google has announced that it plans to introduce several new security features to Chrome to enhance the user experience.

Firstly, Chrome will automatically upgrade all URLs from “http://” to “https://.” This means that the browser will automatically use the more secure version of the protocol where data is encrypted. Chrome will attempt to upgrade every link and will only display “http://” websites if the change to “https://” fails.

Furthermore, Chrome will become more strict with regard to downloaded files. In mid-September, the browser will receive a new feature that warns users when they attempt to download a file from an insecure website. The warning will look something like this:

However, the additions don’t stop there. Google is also preparing another new feature that will alert users if they still have an extension installed that has been removed from the Chrome Web Store. This feature is set to arrive with Chrome 117 and aims to help users easily and promptly identify extensions that need to be removed because they are considered malware or violate other rules of the Chrome Web Store.

A dedicated section for this will be added to the Privacy and Security tab in Chrome’s settings, as shown below:

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