Elon Musk announced that platform X will include audio calls and video calls

Elon Musk’s Twitter, now called “X,” is introducing new features that include the ability to make phone calls and video calls directly within the platform. These features will be compatible with Android, iOS, PC, and Mac devices, and they won’t require a phone number for connectivity.

The specific details of how these calling features will work closely resemble those of other apps that already offer similar functions. Users will be able to initiate video or audio calls through the Direct Message (DM) section of the platform.

It has not been clarified whether these new features will be exclusive to subscribers or available to all X users.

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, acquired Twitter (now X) in October 2022 and renamed it in July of the current year. It appears that he intends to make significant changes to the well-known platform, incorporating as many features as possible.

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